Libya Civil War :Other side of the story

The Civil-War in Libya - Events, Causes, Facts (Documentary)

Documentary seems to be for the most part "one-sided" but nevertheless shads some light on the events prior and during the war as well as  information never presented or aired on any western main stream media.

Autocratic for the people - Libya killings :Cold-blooded Execution (Pictures) - Libya Cold-blooded Execution

Libya Civil War:Cold-blooded execution(s)

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Muammar Qaddafi  his soon and at least 52 more have been killed in what would be in other places and  at other times, where main roles played by different characters, called simply  a cold-blooded execution ( by the Western mainstream media and others).

Yet we did not see that anybody from "western democracy" political elite or media has shown  any sign of having been disturbed by that, let alone speaking about any kind of protest or condamnation.

First let 's have no any illusion about  Qaddafi  and 42 years of his dictature. The feature for Libyan people , even still not known ,no doubt will be brighter and far better. 

And indeed western world has helped bringing this tyranny to the end.

 But the Western involvement from the beginning (having been backed officially by UN  authorizing "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya from pro-Gaddafi forces  ,while may have been that only in the very first days of NAT0 bombing and nothing else but actively participating in the civil war one one side- still true even the other side was Qaddafi regime) up to cold-blooded execution of the part of Qaddafi family and his suporters is more than anything else just another shameful role of the Western democracy and its political system (And as usually  where the hypocrisy stinks to the high haven ).

I know someone will say that anti-Qaddafi  movement was fully backed by other countries most noticeably by Arabe Legue ;To that I say yes among others by Saudi Arabia and I am not surprised at all by the lack of the any kind of the condemnation from their part. 

Yes the NATO/French airforce has probably saved Benghazi,yes Liban people without any doubt will be better off without colonel , but WHAT ABOUT THIS COLD-BLOODED EXECUTION ? What about the terror and killing  performed by liberation forces ,very same one in the name of which you you get involved at first place ,just the victims are on dother side ?

Witness: Libya
“I don’t consider myself a conflict photographer,” Brown told me. “I went to Libya for different reasons and, with ‘Witness,’ hesitated being associated with a genre in which I have relatively little experience, especially when compared with veterans like Eros Hoagland and Veronique de Viguerie.” He wondered about the direction of the show. “Would ‘Witness’ be true to the experience or make me into some hero war photographer I am not?”


Brown’s decision to go forward with making the film arose from a desire to share his unfiltered experience as a photographer new to war, and, he said, to create a candid record of what it was like to be with Hetherington and Hondros in Misrata. “I could polish my words beforehand, get a haircut, and see this as a way to advance my career, or I could dive into it without knowing what I would say, unguarded in thought and emotion, and expose frailties to help viewers identify with my character, if I may call it that, while giving them a way into the world I experienced at the time,” he said. “This latter route felt more honest.” Brown hopes the documentary will serve as “a messenger for those who might know very little if anything about Libya, to give them a view into contemporary Libyan society and inspire them to take out a globe, locate the country on the map, and to be a participant, if only in thought.”
Here’s a clip from “Witness: Libya.”

Photograph by Michael Christopher Brown.

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