Smokers are (becoming) the most oppressed minority of modern time or why I hate airports so much

Used to be Jews,black population, gays and lesbians or others depending on the part of the world.

Now (as smoker) I declare the smokers to be one of the most oppressed minorities of modern era (while in reality according to the numbers from all parts of the world we may not be a minority after all).

This certainly applies to the western part of civilization,where smoking was banned from almost everywhere (As of recently I think smoking is forbidden/or will be in the New York Central Park) .

As I can understand the ban of smoking in the restaurants ,public institutions and working place I cannot tell the same for the bars (rather the question is why there is no smoking and non-smoking bars ?) and certainly zero understanding (and tolerance)  for the enthusiastic ludicrous experiments like the one of banning smoking in the places like parks  What is the next ? The streets ???

And seems there is no one f**** thing we can do about it.

This oppression is not visible anywhere more than at the airports where like at the London Heathrow Airport ,the biggest  international hub , you have no single smallest stinking place where you can have your cigarette before taking 9 hours flight after already completing one of 6-7 hours.

So what are you going to do ? You need to go out through the custom have quickly your cigarets (as many as you can) before going back through security again and eventually missing your flight.

Recently I was flying Montreal - New York - London - Johannesburg and you guess correctly I had to go through security 3 times instead of once and had to look at astonished face of the UK custom worker  after responding to his question: "What are you going to do in UK ?" "Actually I am just going outside to have the cigarette".

And all of this as said only  because neither  Heathrow nor NYC JFK airport officials  have at least enough pity if not obligations to provide a smallest possible stinking place for the smokers.

I like to travel and see the places but I HATE airports .

On the same subject below the list of most hated airports in the world (source CNN)

1. Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France

2. Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, United States

3. London Heathrow, London, England

More here

The world's most hated airports >>>

So in addition to all reasons for listed airports to be most hated I (and fellow smokers) have one significant more. 

Updates for the anthology of madness

An Australian Quit Smoking Message from a cigarette package

Australia's highest court upheld the world's toughest law on cigarette promotion on Wednesday despite protests from tobacco companies that argued the value of their trademarks will be destroyed under new rules that will strip all logos from cigarette packs.
The decision by the High Court means that, starting in December, tobacco companies will no longer be able to display their distinctive colours, brand designs and logos on cigarette packs. The packs will instead come in a uniformly drab shade of olive and feature graphic health warnings and images of cancer-riddled mouths and blinded eyeballs. The government hopes the new packs will make smoking as unglamorous as possible.

Smoking is banned on the streets of Tokyo !!!

Did you know that smoking is banned on the streets of Tokyo ?

I love Tokyo ,one if not the  most modern metropolis on the earth ,but of course I have zero understanding for this "insane" act.

Especially having in mind that I was able to book smoking room in the hotel (for the first time in years) and even more that every restaurant I have been in has smoking area (usually bigger than non-smoking one and not devised by anything from non-smoking part) and some restaurant are fully smoking .

Hard to understand ,except if you do not think in the way that no (additional) money can be made from you smoking on the street.

Smoking being banned of course requires "anti-smoking police" .I do not know how far their actions coud go .I was stopped and asked to put may cigarette  in the small fire-proof bag carried by one of them.

And it goes on and on ..

A series of hard-hitting government adverts featuring people smoking cigarettes with a tumour growing from the end is being launched in England.
The ads will tell smokers that just 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation that leads to cancerous tumours in what marks a return to shock campaigning.
It is eight years since government's "fatty cigarette" anti-smoking adverts appeared.
This £2.7m ad campaign will appear on TV, online and posters until February.
Smokers will also be told about NHS quit kits that are available free from pharmacies.
More than a third of smokers still believe the health risks from smoking are greatly exaggerated, recent statistics from the Department of Health showed.

Eric Garner death: Did cigarette taxes play a part?

The Daily Caller's W James Antle says that while public outrage is focusing on the level of force employed by the New York police, "let's not let the people who write the laws off the hook".

"A man who is killed by government overreach, fueled by anti-tobacco fanaticism, is just as dead as one who smokes a carton of unfiltered Pall Malls every week for 30 years," he writes.

A piece of history

Tobacco and the birth of globalisation

An advertisement for Hataman cigarettes, a BAT brand
Buck Duke is said to have marched up to a map of the world and planted a finger on China, saying "This is where we're going to build our empire!"

Women Are Free! (1929)

 A 1929 ad for Lucky Strike targeting women
Dr Robert K Jackler of Stanford University Medical School explains how women were persuaded to smoke in the early 20th Century.

Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

Jim Jarmusch

"Coffe and cigarettes man , that is the combination"

Beauty (of) smoking