Real things in "unreal phony" world

I like the sport and I always did .Sport is one of few things I watch on TV (in addition to global news and and possibly good film ,but last happens very rarely these days).Most of all I like football (soccer) ,boxing and some times ago I have become a huge fan of MMA , more specifically UFC. 
The reason for this is quite obvious:Sport is one of few real things (as it could be with all necessary limitations involved ) left in this "unreal phony" world of the reality shows ,facebook-like fake social interactions,universe of games and other kinds of virtual reality  , 24/7 main stream news media with the news ,which barely( if at all ) can be named like that ...

It does not get any more real than MMA ,where you are not fighting  just to win or for the money only ,you fight to not get badly beaten with broken arm ,bones or even die in the worst case scenario.
And it takes a lot to be there :Skills (with huge "S" and the end ) in the first place ,then almost unimaginable physical strength , hours and hours of hard work spent  in the gym and what amazes the most unbelievable mental toughness .
So because of all of this I say: "This is real ,these guys are REAL."
Last edition of  UFC-UFC 140 was one of the best I have watched lately and the fight between Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira ( 2nd  fight between two) was absolutely amazing and excellent showcase of what MMA is (should be)  about.