Wonderful game of football

There is one game , one sport far above any other.
The name of the game is football (and not the soccer) and the place is everywhere where we could find living organisms in this universe ,including now NA (USA and Canada) ,the less fertile place for this game on this planet.

Firstly the beauty is in the game itself ,but also in enormous passion and emotions of the fans ,something we cannot see in any other sport (not even nearly).

You should have seen the despair on the faces of Manchester City fans when the clock was hitting 90 min. of the game and their team was about to loose the title everybody thought they already got. And the delirium and enormous joy on the same faces when Manchester City managed to score 2 goals in extra-time and win the first title in English football since 1968 , the year a lot of them have not been born yet.

Despite the fact that Spanish league has Barcelona and Real Madrid ,Messi and Ronaldo in my opinion currently the beast league in the world (and that has been the the case for the most of last decade) is English Premier League and today final day ,where Manchester City has won the title in last 5 minutes of stoppage time over their city rival famous Manchester United on goal difference ,confirms that and more importantly one more time showcases the beauty of this wonderful game.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing Goal