Biutiful -A scathing portrait of fundamentally corrupt humanity

One of the most powerful films I have seen lately

"Biutiful" is devastating. Its co-writer and director, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, never has made comfortable, audience-pleasing entertainments, but his latest makes his unsentimental "Amores Perros," "21 Grams" and "Babel" look like vacation videos.

Absolutely brilliant  performance by Javier Bardem (Best actor Cannes 2010)
 Javier Bardem conveys infinite suffering as Uxbal, a compassionate criminal with ties to Barcelona's human-trafficking underground. Riddled with cancer and hoping to settle his accounts in the few weeks he has left, he tries to provide for his young son and daughter, and for the latest shipment of Chinese laborers he has smuggled into the city's black-market labor force. In some matters he achieves limited success, in others overwhelming failure. 
Even though it is a scathing portrait of fundamentally corrupt humanity, "Biutiful" is neither dreary nor dispiriting; it is a work of extraordinary vitality.  Hope for the future is coupled with acceptance of the brutality of life, the recognition that for life to carry on children must be born and fathers have to die.
Unsurprisingly ( to me) the film did not win Oscar in the category of Best Foreign  Language film nor Javier Bardem won Best Actor Performance in leading role  ,since of course Hollywood does not have stomach for this kind of "hard candy"
 Biutiful Trailer