Pulitzer Photography Winners and Finalist

John Gaunt - For his poignant and profoundly moving image, entitled, "Tragedy by the Sea," showing a young couple standing together beside an angry sea in which only a few minutes earlier their year-old son had perished..

Photography, Stanley J. Forman

Feature Photography, Tom Gralish

Photography, Rocco Morabito

Photography, Slava Veder

Photography, Neal Ulevich

Photography, Patrick Farrell

Photography, Edward Adams

photographer Patrick Farrell

Photography Patrick Farrel

Photography Jerry Gay 

Photography Jerry Gay 

In 1980, this photograph won the Pulitzer Price , without the identity of the photographer known.It captured nine Kurdish rebels and two of the Shah’s policemen being
executed by firing squad in revolutionary Iran.

Photography Manu Brabo

Fotografía: Mary Chind