Midnight Cowboy(1969)

Based on a James Leo Herlihy novel, British director John Schlesinger's first American film dramatized the small hopes, dashed dreams, and unlikely friendship of two late '60s lost souls.
Midnight Cowboy is a touching look at the friendship between a young man and a low-level street hustler in a modern world of almost total emotional disconnection.
Midnight Cowboy became the first and only X-rated
 film to win the Best Picture Academy Award. (Over time, the rating was softened to an R) Superb performances and a excellent script have made this  Cult Classic easily one of the 10 best films of all time 
Joe Buck is a cowboy in New York city trying to make ends meet by selling his body uptown. When he teams up with ailing hustler/manager Ratso Rizzo they hope to strike it rich... but the streets of New York city aren't kind or generous.

With his Stetson and cowboy boots, Texan Joe seems to belong to the strain of American ambition that drives west. But with almost his first words he tells us he's "heading up east". He's no real wrangler but a butch-flavoured dandy (any doubts on that front are surely put to rest by the sight of his pony-skin valise) and fancies he can profitably put himself out to stud with those rich city women. His excitement at reaching the city, however, soon dissipates in the face of its harsh apathy. Ratso, who seems to have been cultured from the detritus of some scuzzy sidewalk gutter or grotty short-order kitchen, is only one of the handful who exploit and demean him. Like the clattering subway, he appears in Joe's dreams as an emblem of alienation, but he turns out to be another lost soul.




Everybody's Talkin' . Midnight Cowboy

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