Oslo Trilogy, Erik Poppe

I never heard of Erik Poppe until a weak ago when I saw deUSYNLIGE (Troubled Water 2008)
and shortly after Hawaii Oslo (2004).
His first film from Oslo trilogy is  Schpaaa  (1998)
deUSYNLIGE  is a good movie , but I really liked  Hawaii Oslo.

Both films are available on Amazon prime :


Hawaii Oslo (2004)

One of the best Norwegian films made in many years, “Hawaii, Oslo” proves it’s still possible to do exciting work in the sub-genre created by such exceptional pictures as “Short Cuts” and “Magnolia.” The story of a bunch of people inter-connecting during a night in Oslo is set to become a box office hit on its home turf, with successful fest exposure and international sales looming.
A man running desperately through the Oslo night is pursued by another man on a bicycle. An ambulance comes charging through the darkness, carrying a young couple with a sick child. The ambulance passes a couple standing on the sidewalk. Suddenly, there is an accident. As people gather around site, the narration goes back to the day before, and to the events that have led to this unfortunate gathering of people who previously did not know each other.

deUSYNLIGE (Troubled Water 2008)

Freshly released from prison after serving an eight-year sentence, Jan (Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen) tries to avoid attracting unwanted attention by giving his middle name Tomas when he interviews for a job as an organ player at a local church. Having done his time for the kidnapping and murder of a little boy back when he was a teenager, Tomas is deeply ashamed of the crime he has committed, but tries to leave the past behind and get on with his life. After getting the job thanks to a last-ditch attempt at a live audition, Tomas starts seeing fellow church worker Anna (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) and his life slowly begins to acquire some semblance of normalcy, when he is spotted by schoolteacher Agnes (Trine Dyrholm), the mother of the boy he has killed.