Japan - A Story of Love and Hate


Far from upscale boutiques of Ginza and lights and glamour of Shibuya here is the other ,dark and hidden, side of high-tech empire and kingdom of modernity : working  class poor .
Here is the story of the relationship , where some other needs  keep two people together ,where physical touch is long forgotten affair , the tiredness is constant state of body and mind and Viagra is too expansive.

Here is the story you probably did not know about Japan.

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In a small rural town, he met a 56-year-old man called Naoki. Once, Naoki had been wealthy – he ran a business employing 70 staff. But he’d lost all his money in Japan’s 1992 economic crash. Now he lived with his 29-year-old girlfriend, Yoshie, in a tiny, windowless room and worked for the Post Office earning the equivalent of £3.50 an hour.

Everything in Naoki’s life – job, finances, relationship – was teetering on the brink of disaster. Especially his relationship. ‘She hates me,’ he said of Yoshie, who lay sprawled on the bed two feet away and made no move to quibble with this. The two of them were members of Japan’s new ‘working poor’. Although they had jobs, they couldn’t afford to live on their combined salaries


Japan - A Story of Love and Hate BBC Documentary >>>

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