Who's Singin' Over There? (1980)

WHO’S SINGIN’ OVER THERE“ – one of the most brilliant Serbian films of all time
Slobodan Šijan’s highly paced cult debut Who’s Singin’ Over There? (written by famous Serbian playwright & screenwriter Dušan Kovačević) revolves around a group of bus passengers heading towards Belgrade. The story is set on the 5th of April 1941,  one day before the Nazis invaded Yugoslavia by bombarding Belgrade. The unlikely voyagers on the rusty bus seem to come from all parts of the kingdom – there is a World War I veteran, a TB-infected
moaner, a pop singer eager to attract the attention of a fellow female passenger, the woman’s husband, an unlucky hunter, a Nazi sympathizer, and finally the bus crew – father and son (conductor and driver), who are careful to “comply with the rules” until one of the passengers dares them to drive two kilometres blind-folded without crashing the bus.



Dušan Kovačević

    1. Dušan Kovačević is a Serbian playwright, scriptwrite, film director and academic best known for his theatre plays and movie scripts. He also served as the ambassador of Serbia in Lisbon, Portugal. Wikipedia
      BornJuly 12, 1948 (age 71 years), Mrđenovac, Serbia
      Film story creditsThe Balkan Spy,The Marathon Family,Who's Singin' Over There?, The Professional