Joe Rogan Experience #2133 - Brendan O'Neill


Brendan O'Neill is the chief political writer for spiked magazine, based in London. He was spiked's editor from 2007 to 2021. He hosts the weekly podcast "The Brendan O'Neill Show". His writing has appeared in the Spectator, the Sun and the Australian. ... Google Books

00:00 Exploring Societal Issues 08:31 Challenges of Climate Change Discourse 15:29 Concerns on Gender Ideology and Identity 35:31 Controversy over Women's Spaces and Freedom of Speech 46:15 Post-Lockdown Reflections and Global Perspectives 49:20 Censorship and the Crisis of Freedom of Speech 56:59 Historical Significance of Dissent and Impact of Censorship 01:02:27 Social Media Influence and Challenges in LGBTQ+ Advocacy 01:11:38 Rise of Cancel Culture and Silencing Legitimate Views 01:21:41 Role of AI in Society and Pushback Against Authoritarianism 01:26:21 Rise of Populist Movements and Yearning for Reason in Politics 01:31:00 Challenges to Establishment and Elite Compromises 01:34:05 Rise of Wokeness and Media Coverage Critique 01:39:28 Scrutiny on Israel-Gaza Conflict and Ethical Dilemmas in War 02:03:25 Justification and Moral Justifications in Conflict 02:11:51 Historical, Religious, and Moral Complexities in Conflict 02:19:37 Criticism, Double Standards, and Issues in Academia

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