LA Revolution Collection


Martin Par

Martin Parr, astute photographic historian  decided  to reprint five photo books that depict various protest movements from throughout the 60s and 70s. The resulting compendium is The Protest Box (Steidl).

The five books cover uprisings throughout Latin America, Japan, Algeria, and Italy, and they slide effortlessly into a utilitarian slipcase that looks like it could’ve fallen off the back of an army truck. 

These photos are from the 1970 book América: Un Viaje a Través de la Injustica, by Mexican photographer Enrique Bostelmann. Like Gasparini, Bostelmann traveled the continent looking for injustice and highlighted the contrast between capitalism and communism.

These images from Kitai Kazou’s Sanrizuka capture the anger that developed in postwar Japan

In 1960 German photographer Dirk Alvermann published Algerien, from which these photos are taken.

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